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With the increased focus of the Government of India to boost Coastal Shipping to improve Road Transport, and to increase the efficiency and speed of Rail Transport, the demand for ISO Marine Containers for domestic use in India is set to grow. The Government of India’s ‘Make in India’ and Smart Cities initiative will further push demand for containers for Indian domestic market.

The use of containers for domestic transportation within India is still at an infancy stage.India has a long way to go before customers understand and appreciate the use of Containers for domestic transportation for their dependability, safety and security as compared to the existing options of open trucks / tempos. ISO Marine Containers offer a safe and secure way to transport various kinds of cargoes, and Arcon, realizing the potential of this market, has taken initiatives to create greater awareness of increasing the use of Containers for Domestic Transportation.

The needs of Indian Customers are different as compared to established International markets.Arcon, with an in-depth knowledge and experience of dealing in Marine Containers for more than two decades, and being an Indian company, has tailor made solutions for Leasing and Trading of Domestic Containers to suit the needs of the most demanding Indian Customer.

  • Arcon Promises:-
  • Flexible Leasing Solutions
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Different Size / Types of Quality Containers
  • Reliable Delivery Time
  • Hassle Free Customer Service
  • Strategic Partnership