ARCON provides custom duty paid ISO Standard Containers, ISO Specialized Containers (Open Tops/Flat Racks) & ISO Tanks for domestic market in India.


We adhere to the standards and use transparent and well-documented procedures that specifically cover ON-HIRE and OFF-HIRE processes. In this way we provide peak safety and quality levels for our customers.

Domesticated Special Containers

20` & 40` OPEN TOP Containers

Open top containers have an open top covered by a tarpaulin instead of a solid roof. This enables the oversized cargos such as timber and scrap metal to be loaded from the top. Open top containers normally have end doors to give flexibility to loading and discharging operations.

20` & 40` FLAT RACK Containers

Flat rack containers are especially suitable for heavy loads and cargos that needs loading from the top or sides, such as pipes and machinery. You will find collapsible containers and non-collapsible containers with or without walls. Flat rack containers are manufactured from steel and come in 20' and 40' sizes.

40` HC HARD TOP Containers

ARCON has designed a hardtop container that is more stable, safer, versatile and convenient to stuff. We offer such multi-functional features for loading and improved stability with a watertight steel roof that can be easily removed with either a crane or forklift in few easy steps. The upper door header can also be swung out. Bulky or heavy cargos can be stowed much more conveniently and safely while still retaining the comprehensive protection of a standard container during transport. The hardtop container meets the technical requirements of a standard box.